Executive Head Chef

As a consultant and Executive Head Chef, Enzo has worked with boutique restaurants and chains and the media, offering one time consulting as well as the option to work with clients throughout the year to develop seasonal vegan menus.

New Product Development

Enzo has worked in New Product Development for over ten years and developed a range of products for well known brands and chains throughout Europe and beyond. He is qualified to guide and create new product ranges and lines for snacks, meals, sides and more.

Food Production Consulting

With a background in food production and production facility management, Enzo is qualified to help those wishing to begin, expand and branch out in food production. His vast knowledge spans HACCP, technical, health and safety, hygiene and management guidelines as well as new product development, packing, shipping and goods in.

Group Classes

Join Enzo for a fun filled and informative day in a London or Dorset based professional kitchen. Learn to make antipasti, a main course, salad and dessert as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of your plant based ingredients.

Event Catering

Enzo and his dedicated team of highly trained professional chefs are able to create a menu to suit your event and impress your guests for any occasion including weddings, parties, christenings, work functions and celebrity events.

Private Dining

If you prefer the setting of your dining room when eating well, Enzo offers a private dining experience with a personalised menu designed to cater to your tastes and preferences whilst delivering restaurant quality food in the comfort and privacy of your home.