Gluten Free Mexican Crackers

These crackers are a good alternative to bread, nice with hummus, guacamole or alongside a salad.

Makes Approximately 30 Crackers


400 g gluten free oats
150 g carrots
100 g red pepper
15 g pimento powder (sweet smoked paprika)
400g water
2 garlic cloves
4 tsp sea salt


Blend the the oats into flour with a Vitamix or a kitchen blender and transfer into a bowl.

Now blend the rest of the ingredients and mix together with the flour.

Rest the entire mix for 10 minutes.

Spread the mix onto a silicon mat or a tray lined with good grease proof paper. Spread thin, approximately 3 mm in height.

Score a line across the centre horizontally and then roughly every 4 cm vertically to create thin rectangles.

Dehydrate for 16 hours at 48°C or bake at 170°C for 22 minutes or until completely dry.

Turn the crackers over half way through cooking.