Enzo grew up in the beautiful town of Torricella Peligna where his love for food and cooking was established early on. He learned in the kitchen from his chef mother and was making the family evening meal by the age of eleven. When it was time to choose his career path at fourteen, he knew that working with food was the only choice for him. For six years Enzo studied at the prestigious, world renowned Insituto Tecnico Alberghiero Villa Santa Maria. There he gained the highest awards for degrees in catering and teaching.

After working his way round Italy, Enzo moved to London in 1997 and quickly established his reputation as both a head chef and executive chef whilst working on TV, radio and leading presentations at food exhibitions allowed him to utilise his teaching skills. Since 2000 he has been vegan and sharing his knowledge about plant based cuisine in various roles and services within the food industry. His teachers, peers, students and colleagues agree that his friendly, professional approach to catering make him a pleasure to learn from and work with.